Why I HEART public transportation… namely the Metro

Public transportation oftentimes gets a bad wrap, and while it does have its shortcomings, I believe that there are far more benefits to riding the train than people care to admit. I personally appreciate riding the metro for a number of reasons.  Here are just a few:


  1. Metro is conducive to the life of a procrastinator. I have gotten some of my best cramming done on the train and have put the last minute touches on presentations while in route. I appreciate being able to be totally immersed in what I’m doing (albeit last minute) without having to keep both hands on the wheel.


2. Metro can make you more tolerant of people in general. Let’s face it, there all manner of people who ride the train on a daily basis. Some sane and others… well, not so much.  Which by the way baffles me — crazy people never have a problem figuring out where they’re going. I digress. Regardless, sitting alongside people on a daily basis that I would ordinarily not encounter challenges me to be empathetic while at the same time being very appreciative of my own issues. :p

man sleeping on man in train

3. Metro can be entertaining. I have heard some of the best jokes (that I still remember to this day) and have witnessed some amazing talent on the train. Especially in NYC. It amazes me how creatively bold people can be in front of strangers. It’s actually quite inspiring!

music on metro

4. Metro is “cheaper” than driving. It reduces the wear and tear on your car that comes along with driving, is cheaper than gas, parking and parking tickets… enough said.

smart trip

5. Metro is an excellent place for style inspiration. I love seeing the latest trends, (and fashion faux pas) on the train. It’s always motivating and just the boost that I need to get my fashion act together!

metro fashion

Again, it’s not perfect, but I dig it.  What about you?  What are some things you appreciate about riding the train?


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