SOLSAKTM: n. a classic, specialty handbag customized to carry pumps or flats. .

The SOLSAK @ GALLERY PLACE line originated when creator, Georgina Agyekum relocated from Los Angeles, California (a very car-dependent city) to the District of Columbia, a metropolitan area more conducive to walking and using public transportation. Her daily Metro commute to work, by way of Gallery Place- Chinatown, demanded the comfort of flats, while meetings and after work events called for heels. But how to discretely carry an extra pair of shoes throughout the day presented a challenge. She quickly discovered that this was not only a personal dilemma, but a challenge present among most Mobilenistas (fashion forward women on the go) that she encountered along her commute.

It soon became very apparent that metropolitan women everywhere, particularly in cities such as: DC, NY, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco spend a considerable amount of time on foot catching subways, hosting events, attending meetings and simply looking cute on a regular basis! In an effort to “save the feet”, without recourse, women are stashing flats in a separate bag or strategically smushing them in their purses alongside their lunches, wallets, makeup cases and other important handbag items— yuck!

In fall of 2011, the concept of featuring classic handbags customized with a shoe- pocket appropriate for pumps or flats was born. Launched in summer of 2012, the company’s mission is to offer women everywhere an inconspicuous pocket of convenience, one fashionable design at a time!

To learn more about Georgina and to connect with her on a more personal level, be sure to check out the Blog!